Eight-Legged Cats and How They See

Carrhotus Spider

The common name for salticids is jumping spiders and many are indeed phenomenal leapers. However, jumping alone is not what distinguishes salticids from other spiders. What makes salticids special is their unique, complex eyes and acute eyesight, not leaping prowess. Salticids have large anterior medial eyes that give them an almost catlike appearance. No other … Read more

Hyllus semicupreus

Hyllus semicupreus

As I was crouching on the ground to capture some short horned grasshoppers, a curious spider which was watching me all along wanted to have a closer look at me. It started climbed on my pants. Here is that very bold jumping spider Hyllus cf. semicupreus posing on my pants 🙂 Hyllus semicupreus is also … Read more