In Search of Lost Gods – Cambodia Part 2

Pre Rup Towers

Second day at Cambodia we wanted to explore temples of Angkor. Angkor which in Khmer language means Capital City, was the capital Khmer Empire, seems to have flourished from approximately the 9th to 15th centuries. Angkor was a megacity supporting at least 0.1% of the global population during 1010-1220 CE. The word Angkor is derived … Read more

In Search of Lost Gods – Cambodia Part 1

Sunset at Marine Drive, Kochi

Whenever I told my friends in India I am planning to travel to Cambodia, I used to get raised eye brow and question back to me. “Where is it? Africa?” Such is the ignorance among us about this ancient Hindu kingdom, which has the world’s largest religious monument. Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in … Read more