Gentle Giants

Malabar Giant Squirrel

I came across this Malabar giant squirrel (Ratufa indica) at Kudremukh National Park. Giant squirrels have always fascinated me. Unlike their constantly chattering, city slicking cousins, the palm squirrels, these gentle giants are elusive tree canopy dwellers, easily distinguished by their large size and a two to three toned, conspicuous color scheme. The head and … Read more



It was raining heavily. Our idea of photographing butterflies at the Sammilan Shetty Butterfly Park which opened that day was not going to be fulfilled. So four of us me, Ajith Kamath, Karthik Bhat & Shiva Shankar planned to go to Kudremukh National Park. A friend of mine had informed us that the purple flowers … Read more

Cloudy Kudremukh

Cloudy Kudremukh

After shooting the waterfall I covered in the last blog, rain was following me. So leaving all the thoughts of getting any photos of birds or other wild life I changed my lens to wide angle and concentrated on getting some landscapes. The ambiance was beautiful, but continuous rain was hampering my photography. I waited … Read more

Kadambi Falls

Female Grey Wagtail

Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful natural wonders you can photograph. But though they can look simply stunning, photographing waterfalls is not easy to do well. That Sunday I had gone to Kudremukh National Park hoping to photograph some birds or animals. It was drizzling on & off. As I couldn’t get any good … Read more

Bonnet Macaque

During last summer I had been to Kudremukh national park. Whole park was quite dry. Did not get any great photo opportunity. Returning back in the evening I knew that a family of bonnet macaques (Macaca radiata) near Kadambi water falls. I have been seeing these macaques for quite a few years. They have turned … Read more

Blue Oakleaf Butterfly

Kudremukh National Park is treasure trove for animal watchers. Entering into the Malleshwara township inside Kudremukh National Park on that day we spotted a cicada sitting on a moss covered tree branch. As I was photographing the cicada which was sitting higher up in the branch I noticed from the corner of my eye a … Read more