Tawny Coster

As you have seen in my earlier blog posts, I am fond of using long lenses for macro photography. My favorite is 300mm lens as it gives you a sufficient distance from the insect and does not distract it. Disadvantage being a heavy rig you can’t hand hold it. It is not a true 1:1 … Read more

Female Plain Tiger

Female Plain Tiger Under Side View

I had written long back on Plain tiger (Danaus chrysippus) butterfly. At that time I was using Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM with 36mm of extension tube to photograph this Plain Tiger butterfly. Soon after the Scarlet Skimmer dragonfly photograph session which I published last week, I spotted a female plain tiger butterfly nearby. … Read more


It was an overcast evening. Tropical cyclone 4A was getting intensified in the coast. I was tired after trying to cajole a rat snake (Ptyas mucosus) to give nice pose to my camera. It was busy hunting and did not give provide any good photos. I did not want to disturb its hunger. Then I … Read more