Araneophagic behavior in Plexippus petersi

Araneophagic behavior in Plexippus petersi

Jumping spiders are a fascinating group, making up the largest family of spiders in the world. They are as diverse as birds with a range of complex behaviours which have allowed them to successfully adapt to a wide variety of habitats, globally. Their remarkably well developed eyes give them better vision than that of any … Read more

Focus Stacking using Android Tablet

Two-Tailed Spider - Focus Stacked

I was trying focus stack using android app from my Nexus 7 Tablet. There are several camera controlling software in the Android play store. DSLR Camera Pro, Helicon Remote, DSLR Remote, DSLR Remote Controller, DSLR Controller, DslrDashboard are few such apps. DSLR Controller and DslrDashboard are my favorite in this list. To be able to … Read more

Two-Tailed Spider

Two-Tailed Spider - Hersilia savignyi

Returning after a busy day for a cup of coffee I noticed a spider on the granite pillar which leads to my house. When I built my house I got these local rough granite pillars from granite quarry in the nearby town of Karkala. 16 such tall stone pillars stand supporting roof of my pathway … Read more