Antlion Lacewing

Antlion Lacewing

I found this adult Antlion lacewing on an aphid & mealybug ridden Gliricidia sepium branch. The term Ant lion is used to describe the Larval form of the members of this family and the adults are referred to as ‘antgriffins’ or ‘antlion lace wings’. This one belongs to Myrmelion species. I used my Canon EOS … Read more

Lacewing Eggs

Lacewing Eggs on the under surface of Oleander Leaf

I found these strange eggs on the under surface of Oleander (Nerium oleander) leaf next to my house. Each egg was attached to the top of a hair-like filament. I had not seen such an egg laying on filamentous structure and on searching for info I found that it was from Lacewing (Chrysopidae). I used … Read more