Huntsman on a Hunt

Male Huntsman Hunting Cockroach

Spiders are a far cry from the monsters people make them out to be. Spiders as a group consume more bugs than birds do. In our house, we enlist help from spiders, specifically Huntsman spiders (Heteropoda cf. venatoria) to keep our house as cockroach-free as possible. The male huntsman you see here was hunting a … Read more

Female Huntsman Spider with Egg Sac

Female Huntsman Spider with Egg Sac

This female huntsman spider also known as common house spider (Heteropoda cf. venatoria), giant crab spider spider, banana spider (due to its occasional appearance in marketed bananas) was sitting on the wall plate of my house along with her egg sac which was full of young ones. She was placed high up at around 10 … Read more