Eight-Legged Cats and How They See

Carrhotus Spider

The common name for salticids is jumping spiders and many are indeed phenomenal leapers. However, jumping alone is not what distinguishes salticids from other spiders. What makes salticids special is their unique, complex eyes and acute eyesight, not leaping prowess. Salticids have large anterior medial eyes that give them an almost catlike appearance. No other … Read more

Araneophagic behavior in Plexippus petersi

Araneophagic behavior in Plexippus petersi

Jumping spiders are a fascinating group, making up the largest family of spiders in the world. They are as diverse as birds with a range of complex behaviours which have allowed them to successfully adapt to a wide variety of habitats, globally. Their remarkably well developed eyes give them better vision than that of any … Read more

Plexippus Jumping Spider with a Cricket

Plexippus Jumping Spider with a cricket

This female Plexippus cf. petersi jumping spider was in my courtyard preying on a cricket. As I scrammed to get my camera, the spider was trying to find a safe place for its lunch among the crevices away from this flash wielding photographer. I was using Canon EOS 5D Mark III with a Canon EF … Read more