Ant Mimicking Spider

Myrmarachne Ant Mimicking Spider

As I was photographing Camponotus Ants Tending Aphids I saw a lonely ant like insect moving around on the adjacent sugar cane leaf. On close inspection it was an arthropod having 4 pairs of legs, unlike ants who possess 3 pairs. So it was not an ant but an ant mimicking spider belonging to Myrmarachne … Read more

Camponotus Ants Tending Aphids

Camponotus Ants Tending Aphids

It was raining heavily, I found these few amber colored ants climbing a sugarcane stem which had grown in our garden. They went underneath a leaf and stayed there for a long time. I was curious to find what they were doing. I turned the leaf over and I found these Camponotus Ants on the … Read more