In Search of Lost Gods – Cambodia Part 1

Sunset at Marine Drive, Kochi

Whenever I told my friends in India I am planning to travel to Cambodia, I used to get raised eye brow and question back to me. “Where is it? Africa?” Such is the ignorance among us about this ancient Hindu kingdom, which has the world’s largest religious monument. Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in … Read more

In Search of An Afterglow

In Search of An Afterglow

I have noticed many people who visit beach during sunset, start vacating the beach as soon sun sets in the west. As a photographer it is always beneficial to stay back for another few more minutes. You can witness and capture glorious skies. Sometimes if you are lucky you will be blessed with post-sunset glow … Read more

Weaver Ant – Oecophylla smaragdina

Weaver Ant - Oecophylla smaragdina

In my garden I have a huge Indian almond (Terminalia catappa) tree. It has several nests of weaver ants(Oecophylla smaragdina). It was late in the evening. Sun was setting on the western horizon as a golden orb. I spotted few major workers of the Weaver ants climbing up the Indian almond tree. As I went … Read more

Sunset Over Mangalore

Sunset at 300mm Focal Length

Here is a sunset I witnessed near the Software Technology Park, Derebail Mangalore. Sun was setting over the Mangalore landscape of coconut grooves, evening haze along with smoke. You can see quite a few black kites flying in the sky. I wanted to show you how the same sunset looks when shot using three different … Read more

Faking a Sun Trail

Faking a Sun Trail

Two days back I posted this curious picture which looks like sun trail on my Facebook page and asked my friends to solve mystery how it was taken. This resulted is a flurry of answers, few were nearer to truth and few were very far fetched. All in all it was a great exercise in … Read more