Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) chicks sleeping after feed.

EXIF info - Aperture : ƒ/11 | Camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Taken : 3 May, 2009 | Flash fired : yes | Focal length : 100mm | ISO : 100 | Location : 12° 55′ 20.00928″ N 74° 51′ 55.001160092807″ E | Shutter speed : 1/200s | Images and content Copyright © Krishna Mohan. Please contact me to purchase prints or for image publication license.

3 thoughts on “Tired”

  1. Hi, this photograph i amazing, how did you manage to get so close? Where was this taken?

    I still have to see lots in your site, I just stumbled upon it.

  2. Hi, Aditya
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I used Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro lens to get closeup. Parents of these two chicks abandoned nest which was built on a pillar inside a house at Bondel, Managlore. We tried feeding with worms and insects. Sadly despite our best of care & effort they did not survive 🙁 .
    Krishna Mohan

  3. Your story reminds me of Mr K P Poornachandra Tejasvi trying to rescue a two abandoned chicks . After one died of difficulty in digesting normal bird food, he tried the yolk of the chicken eggs ( Using the logic – If yolk can support the foetus why cant it support the chicks ? ). And the remaining chick survived on the yolk diet and grew enough to be released. Try this next time. 🙂

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