Two Workshops in Bangalore


Good news for Bangaloreans. On popular demand, I will be covering Basic Photography Workshop which will be on 10th June 2017 & Workshop on Understanding Light on 11th June 2017. Next month I plan to conduct Macro Photography Workshop and on Adobe Lightroom.

Both workshops will be from 10 AM to 5 PM. Venue – Treebo Silverstar, 6th Cross Rd, Near Freedom Park, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru.

The fee for Basic Photography Workshop is Rs. 4500/- for the workshop including food and all the teaching materials. The fee for Workshop on Understanding Light is Rs. 5500/- for the workshop including food and all the teaching materials. The Total number of participants is only fifteen members. The workshop is nearly full with last 2 seats being vacant in both workshops.

Workshop on Understanding Light
Workshop on Understanding Light

The basic aim of Workshop on Understanding Light is to help you make any light situation to be converted to your photographic advantage. This workshop assumes that you already have a Basic understanding of photography as it does not cover foundations of photographic knowledge. If you need to understand, you need to check my Basic Photography Workshop which will be on 10th June 2017.

If you are interested in joining any one of these workshops click the link below and leave you email ID and phone number.

By profession, I am a surgeon. Being in the photography field for last 27years I wanted to impart my photography knowledge, I started a photography group called Mangalore photography club way back in 2006 in Mangalore. It was to teach enthusiasts and working professional photographers on various topics of photography.

3 years back I started Creative Focus to exclusively to cater professionals as well as advanced amateurs to improve their craft of photography. My activity was exclusively Mangalore-based. Many of the participants of my workshop are from Bangalore and they used to come to Mangalore to attend my workshops. After 56 Workshops in a short span of 3 years on various photography related topics, I have been invited by my workshop attendees to have series of workshops in Bangalore.

All my workshops are hands-on training. That is precisely why I have a small group which can be individually catered by me. Practically oriented workflow which I provide can be used for your day to day trouble shooting. Understanding Light is one of the most popular, this is the 17th workshop of understanding light. We also have a free photo critique forum on Facebook, which has now had over 3600 active members.

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